Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

A question of age and dating

Everybody I’ve dated has always been older than me, albeit, only by a few months. I’ve also always set my limit to a year older or younger than me and nothing else outside that.

Saturday job had an open house for our summer camp and one of our classes is out sourced to a company and they brought somebody to help out. All I can say is ‘oh my god’, I spent the last hour of the open house talking to her. She’s incredibly smart, cool, down to earth, and gorgeous (think jessica alba like), but she’s 26. That’s a solid 5 years older than me with ease.


She gave me her number as a contact ‘just in case’ but I mean she’s a town over from me and as she said ‘spends too much time working and with school’. Do I break my rules and ask her out?

I should ask her out...

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