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Is the smoke detector working?
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So I was up late last night reading Alan Turing's paper on artificial intelligence (truly a must read and it's not very technical so even a layman can understand it) and when I checked in here at 0dark30 before going to bed I was surprised to find that everything on Oppo and in real life decided to go all cray cray.


Several months ago when everything else was also going all cray cray around here I decided to create a place where topics of discussion that weren't appropriate for Oppo could occur. I received a lot of static for this, but I figured that it was necessary to keep Oppo from becoming a non-stop hate fest. Given extenuating circumstances elsewhere in the world, I have decided to re-broadcast the existence of the Cigar Lounge to help keep Oppo a place for friendly car chat.

I'll save myself the trouble of repeating myself and simply quote from my original post describing the Cigar Lounge:

What is the topic of discussion at the Cigar Lounge? There is no topic of discussion, you are free to discuss whatever you want as so long as you follow a few simple rules. First and foremost is the Golden Rule, so be respectful of other people in the Lounge. Many people here will have opinions that may differ from yours or mine. You may discuss or debate those opinions passionately but at all times you must remain civil. If you manage to get yourself in a childish war of words with somebody else in the Cigar Lounge, you and any other involved party will be put in separate corners to be quiet and think about what you've done. When you are ready, you will be asked to kiss and make up. If you find you cannot do that, you will be asked to leave.

Since there is no topic of discussion here, some people may choose to post images of scantily clad ladies (or dudes, if that's your thing). Because some of us may wish to enter the Cigar Lounge while at work, all that is asked is that a buffer image be placed at the top of the post before the fun can begin. The image up top is the line in the sand. Anything more provocative or revealing that that should have a buffer image. If you do not have a buffer image, one will be provided for you but you will be asked to provide your own next time.

Some people are offended by opinions that are not identical to theirs. Those people have their own blogs and sub-blogs elsewhere on the Kinjasphere where discussion and thought are tightly controlled. Because what can be said here can often times not be said elsewhere, it is asked that you do no directly re-share any discussion to any other Kinja blog. If you wish to invite people from other parts of Kinja into a discussion, you may make a reference to the discussion at the Cigar Lounge in a post or even provide a link in a comment, but a direct re-sharing is not allowed. That being said, feel free to re-share discussions that are taking place elsewhere in the Kinjasphere to the Cigar Lounge front page.

Finally, while the Cigar Lounge is a place for open discussion, it is not a place to plot, plan, or scheme against any individual or organization elsewhere in Kinja or in the outside world. You may discuss at length how much you dislike some people, but you may not discuss how to "get even" with people who's opinions you don't like. This last rule may seem a bit odd and obvious, but there are specific current events going on in the greater Kinjasphere that have informed the making of this rule. The specific events have been left out so as to make the rule as general as possible. The purpose of the Cigar Lounge is to relieve stress in a relaxed environment, not to cause stress elsewhere.

So, if you are reading this, you may be asking yourself how you can join in on the discussion. Truth be told, it is a long and complicated process of simply asking. You may ask either in the comments below or elsewhere in Kinja where a Cigar Lounge admin can be found. Currently, we have four admins comprising of The Transporter, Diesel, Jcarr, and PatBateman. Also, the Cigar Lounge can be reached by e-mail at

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