I just found out that some asswipe (an asswipe who’s been an unoriginal, cowardly asswipe for a while now incapable of forwarding an original opinion and essentially stealing other’s instead) has been stealing and reposting content from my blog for the expressed purpose of having my content be torn to shreds by Trump-loving right-wing assholes (apologizes if you identify as Conservative, and I know most of you are better than this but if people are going to tear apart my hard work I’m not holding back on the name calling, please understand I don’t identify you with them even if you do intend to vote for Trump). I’ve alerted the board moderators involved but I’m highly skeptical it would stop.

I just wish the asswipe could at least have the courage to criticize my blog to my face, or at least leave a comment on my blog, instead of copy-pasting asshole comments from other assholes on IMDb. If only I could do whatever the electronic/message board equivalent of punching him in his face would be.