I have to go to a send off gathering for some guy my girlfriend works with who is leaving the company.

Problem #1 - is I hate country music, and this is at a country and western bar.

Problem #2 - I NEVER pay for drinks or food out with a debit or credit card. I used to run a restaurant and have seen some bad shit, and I like to make sure I am not imbibing on credit. The issue is the place is "pour your own beer", which is touted like it is a good thing, but I like my bartender to get it for me. That is the only reason I pay markup. It is charged by the goddamn ounce, right to your card. If I want a taste of something before buying, it is charged. fuck that shit


Problem #3 - (1st world problem) is that it is also "Daisy Duke College Night". Since I am certainly more than a decade and a half over college age, there is going to be alot of ass to look at, and my girlfriend refuses to wear some (although her ass is likely better than 90% of the freshman 40 having chicks in there). So I need to keep my eyeballs in check. I also hate college people that go to bars in general, and don't want to have some dickhead spill his beer on himself and blame me.

Problem #4 - I have to go, I promised her I would before I knew where it even was.


Just not feeling it