-A half-assed picture essay

Anytime I hear about Lincoln, the consensus always seems to be "badge engineered Ford", as if badge engineering a Ford is only something the Nazis would do and buying a Lincoln is as degrading as having eat soggy cereal, or wear soggy socks all day, or do other... soggy things. I'm too lazy to write too much so I've compiled a photo essay to show why I'd buy a Lincoln and why you shouldn't count them out.


A few points to start with. First, aren't all Acuras and Lexuses badge engineered? Why does that term only get mentioned when talking about Lincoln? If a TL is an Accord, a TSX is a euro Accord, a CSX is a Civic etc., why do people feel the need to mention a MKZ is just a dressed up Fusion? Seems like hypocrisy to me.

Second, Lincolns look unlike anything else on the road. They're so unique that I end up gawking anytime I see one in much the same way I would if I saw an elephant making love to a VW. I mean, look at that!

Third, they're cooler than any Acura because a tunable ecoboost>VTEC (yo).

Fourth, if we give Lincoln more credit, one of these flagship concepts might come to fruition some day. I mean, look at that MKR.

Is this car not pure sex?

10/10 would go broke for

And could you guys imagine a Lincoln Mustang?