It’s been a while since my last post here. So to quickly recap what’s happened over the last 10 months (some old material, some new):

1. My then girlfriend (now ex) was walking her dogs off leash near a river. It wasn’t a public park, but it was somewhat near a park and therefore accessible by anyone.

2. The shit stain dog scratches someone. The “victim” claims it was a bite. Animal control’s statement said it wasn’t a bite but a red mark on the skin.


3. I was out of town but the ex-gf said they were my dogs (thinking this would clear her). Instead of clearing her, now the victim can sue both of us. They do just that.

4. Ex-gf refuses to go through her HO insurance policy for 6 months. I handle our defense during that time frame. I file a few forms and our answer to the lawsuit before HO insurance steps in after ex-gf finally relents and contacts them.

5. Lawsuit eventually settles for $13K.


6. Break-up occurs. I move 1,000 miles away. Ex-gf doesn’t accept it. She continues to call even after I block her number because of some lovely app that allows her to mask her number. I change my phone number as a result.

7. Now I’m getting emails almost daily but they’re at least easy to delete.

I emerged from that not having to pay anything for the lawsuit. Her HO rate may go up, but that isn’t my problem. That bitch is crazy.