I was having a really decent past couple of weeks. I mean they werent perfect, but I wasnt really feeling depressed. Then my dad started today...


“Im a failure as a parent. Im supposed to want better for my kid. You cant go to community college. You’re wasting your life. Where did I go wrong?” Way to help my self esteem, Dad. Really appreciate it.

Oh, and at the grocery store tonight where I used to work, that girl (that ruined me) ended up being my cashier. She thought my sister was my gf at first, then when I corrected her, told me she was single and gave me her new number on the back of the receipt. I threw that thing in the trash upon exiting the store.


And as I said on Oppo, school kids are driving me crazy. Everyone is just annoying. The questions they ask, listening to them all read Hamlet (Dear God thats a painful 45 minutes) and the volume levels....