Warning: It’s a downer

I watched the Top Gear episode where they go to Prypyat by the Chernobyl Reactor yesterday, which sent me into a researching tangent about the accident and other Nuclear disasters. Not advisable if you want to have a good day. I don’t really understand why they did it either, I didn’t find it to be a humorous episode once I found out about where they were going. Something even Jeremy seemed to notice when after the film he asked why are they applauding (referring to the audience) after the film.

Abandoned vehicles from the cleanup and containment efforts

It’s strange to see how our modern society seems to forget about these things happening. Fukushima was only in 2011 and cleanup there will take decades but no one thinks about it.


I don’t understand how we can accept the risk of nuclear power and can’t fathom that we weaponized this kind of destruction. What could by worth it? Fighting over land and resources? for political reasons?

I can’t think of any but that must be inherently destructive as a species. That despite the fact that we are in the most peaceful time in human civilization we have the most destructive weapons. A place like Chernobyl will never be the same, the effects will not be truly known for decades. I can’t help but think why can’t we just leave each other alone or use our resources to help others but I know I’m just being naive, we don’t live in that world and it’s like my history teacher in high school said “there is only one thing that will unite us globally, an attack from outside the planet”.