Remember the ‘blinker fluid’ prank played by a father on his two daughters?

Well seems someone took offence to it because it was a dad (male) making fun of his two daughters (females) and apparently it plays into stereotypes of women not knowing about cars.

Is this what we’ve come to, being greatly offended because a dad played a prank on his daughters and that he posted it online?


What if they were sons, could we laugh without guilt then?


What if it was two sons played a prank on by their mother? Surely that would be safe because it throws the whole gender stereotype on it’s head, right!

How about if it was a different ethnicity or non-English language.


When did we have to break down whether a prank is funny after we’ve considered the age, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc... of the people involved to decide whether it’s funny.

It’s a prank played by a parent on their child, no sinister plot to greatly demean and oppress a person of a different sex, age, etc...