Went down to Brentwood (south of Nashville) to check out an exotic garage/dealership type of place today. Needless to say, there was some pretty cool stuff there. 458 Italia:

E30 M3:

Some cool offroaders (well, maybe not the VW):

And a FREAKING 1973 Brumos 911 RSR with a cup-stamped motor! Granted, it's not all put together cause it just got out of paint but look! How sick is this?

The owner is apparently going to sell it at RM Auctions sometime soon. Wouldn't be surprised if it went for upwards of $1.5 mil. That's crazy to think about. The guy working there said that he just got done with some Aventadors last week and they were getting a 458 Speciale and a 918 in sometime soon. There was also a clean E39 M5:

Just thought y'all might think this was neat.