Week 2 of college football has a couple of pretty good match ups, a few decent games, and three complete blowouts. If you like competitive games, watch the former. If you prefer absolute carnage, the latter. Let’s begin.

The best game will be against Oregon and Michigan State, obviously. Number 7 vs Number 5, in Lansing. The ducks are always dangerous though, so watch for the upset.

EDIT: Corso’s pick is...

There are some pretty big spreads listed below. A&M by -30.5. FSU by -28.5. Ohio State by -41 (poor Hawaii). But notice there are a couple of games listed WITHOUT spreads. Baylor playing Lamar?! Odds are that, if you don’t live in Texas, you might not have ever heard of Lamar University. It’s a small school in Beaumont that just restarted their football program a couple of years ago. It shall be a blood bath.


TCU and SFA (Straight outta Nacogdoches) is a slightly better match up if only because they’ve had a football program for longer than five years. RIP scoreboard.

Below are the rest of the Top 25 games. Notice that Texas isn’t listed here. I don’t want to discuss that fact.