F**kin' kids these days.

I've been reading Jalopnik since the beginning but have only regularly commented/joined Oppo since last August/September. Since then, there have been more than a couple kids complaining about cars GIVEN to them. Not beater, barely running, holes in the floor cars, but nice cars. As far as I can tell they've never had jobs or earned their own money in any way. They have no concept of the value of money or the work required to earn it. In the instances I've seen all their solutions are to buy ANOTHER f**king car! Money grows on trees, ya know. But not buy a new car with their money. Someone else has to.

This is why I have so much trouble finding good help to hire. These kids expect the world to be given to them but they'll still find things to complain about.


I won't name names but when you see some of these kids( and adults) who post about new to them cars and they're not spectacular vehicles but they're just happy to have something to drive and they make them their own. Then you have the previously mentioned little brats.

I feel slightly better now venting.