Some nice images to along with whats been on my mind.

So long story short I’m an underpaid designer at a start-up. Great opportunity, great for my portfolio and I won’t complain about. The issue is I’m in a good spot knowing I can take a “back-up” job, computer modeling for Ford or GM. Thats great and I’ll make 65% more money …. but I should have a number in mind for a design job.


Thats why I got in the game for after all. Now Im thinking I’ll take “only” 35% over what I currently make. Since I have a lot of student loans to pay back anything less wouldn’t be financially smart. I also need to keep in mind anywhere else won’t be as cheap as Detroit and working for the big 3 has perks, like employee discounts.

All of this is super preemptive since I’m still working on my portfolio. Should have it done by the end of the month, that gives me the summer to find a new job. Which is good since I need to prioritize my wants vs. money, living costs vs perks, etc.