I commented on a post on Jalopnik that was saying that a magazine hat aims at the male demongraphic is sexist.

I pointed out that it works both ways.

Granted I shouldn’t of used a cut and paste of female orientated magazines and has been pointed out I should of used a number instead but it was too late for me to edit the post.


Yes, I know a magazine such as a car magazine saying they are aiming for the male readership is sexist.



I have researched a bit more about what some people seem to be having issues with and responded to one with:-

Female car magazines have been about.

In 1998 ‘Nuts About Cars’ was started by Editor Helen Mound for a more female related view and opinion on cars. It soon folded.

In 2009 Women and Wheels’ was started up by two London based mothers with the same objective, it soon folded.

Eleven years ago a website based car magazine was started up called evecars.com, by the owners of Haymarket Media Group (owners of Autocar, Classic and Sports Car, etc.... magazines), while the domain is still present there appears to of been no site for at least a year.

But lets get back to Automobile Magazine.

If the figures I’ve found for Automobile Magazine are correct, it has a readership of over 4,100 readers, 845 of which are women (just over 1/5) so they must be doing something right if they are drawing in that many female readers. Have you asked many of those female readers what they think of the magazine saying their demographic is? Have you taken a look at their website and looked at their reviews to see if they are gender biased to the point of being sexist? Have you even looked past the front page linked by the OP?

Goodnight, take care.