THANK GOD, IT’S FINALLY BACK! I have been jonesing for football since the end of the Super Bowl. I don’t know why the need for it has been so intense this year, but I’m friggin’ giddy.

On the Thursday night opener, was it that the Patriots are still the best, or that the Steelers kinda look like crap? I didn’t get to focus on the game because we were at trivia, but every time I glanced at the screen the Steelers looked out of it. I know they were missing Le’Veon Bell, but is he that big a part of their offense? It caught me by surprise. (BTW, you really should put someone on Gronk. You probably can’t stop him, but you can’t leave him alone out there.)

I really have no idea or expectations on how the Broncos are going to do this year. I’ve had both good and bad gut feelings so far, Peyton’s arm is either falling off or it’s better than its been in the last couple years depending on who you talk to, and they have a new coaching staff which usually means slow start. I’m just going to expect the worst and hope for the best.

Here’s my favorite opening day moment of the last few years:

Background: this was the worst damn game I’ve ever sat through. Both of these teams looked like they were going to finish 2-14 the way they were playing. Then this happened, rewarding my patience. My dog was only a few months old and I scared the crap out of her with my screams of delight. It had everything you could want in an NFL play: improbable catch, long touchdown, Gus Johnson losing his damn mind (I miss you Gus), and the poor Bengals being the victim of another freak play.

Who’s your team? How will they do today?