So, I finally bit the bullet (pun intended) and picked up a pair of firearms.

The first is an Ortgies .32ACP semi-auto manufactured by Deutche Werks shortly after WW2. No pictures yet, because it’s still sitting at the sporting goods store (Wisconsin has a 48 hour waiting period).

The second is a Harrington and Richardson Arms (HRA) Model 251 Sportster chambered in .22LR, manufactured between 1948 and 1950. It came with a scope but no magazines.

How it’s sitting on my desk right now:

It needs a thorough cleaning - the cocking mechanism feels like it’s packed with Nutella. After my next paycheck, I’ll be picking up a pair of mags - they’re about $35 each. Considering it was only $115, that’s a pretty penny, but it’s pretty useless without them.